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#1 2019-01-08 15:30:06

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screen saver activating too soon [resolved]

i have gone to Settings >> Screensaver and at Blank After i have changed the value from 10 minutes to 720 minutes.  even after a reboot, it it still showing 720 minutes, when i go idle to eat lunch, it still blanks out after about 10 minutes on one userid i use ("pdh") though another ("skaperen") works apparently OK, still showing its screen after about 3-4 hours.  i probably need to use a setting of 60 minutes to see if it blanks out when it should.

it would be nice if all apps and tools would save their setting in a text file and detect whenever it gets externally changed.


it seems to be working right, now.  i had lunch and watched a couple hours of HGTV and the screen saver had not activated in that time frame.

instead of a screensaver what is needed is a screenlock the activates when you walk away forgetting to manually activate.  the difference between a screensaver with a security lock and a screenlock is what you get on the display when it activates.  so it's pretty much just that ... it could be a different kind of screensaver.

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