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#1 2019-01-12 16:20:20

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[SOLVED] Whisker menu icon smaller than others in panel

I use a mostly static xfce-4 configuration, with a single panel. I have the Whisker menu on one side, followed by a separator, then application shortcuts, then the window buttons, and then all of the usual stuff on the other side (battery indicator, notifications, network indicator, sound indicator, date and time, etc). It's great, except that the icon for my Whisker menu is smaller than the ones for my application launchers.

There's no setting to change individual icon sizes, as they scale with the panel row height. To account for this, I just set the Whisker menu to display both the icon and the title, but that takes up valuable real estate. I changed the Whisker icon to one of my application icons just to see if the issue was the icon itself, and it was STILL smaller than the application launcher icon despite using the exact same icon image. Is there a way to make the whisker menu icon larger than its default, and the same size as the application launchers in the panel?

Update: After installing a new gtk theme, the Whisker icon grew up. I suppose the theme dictates the scaling of certain objects, and that isn't something you can easily exhibit fine-grained control over. Greybird had the Whisker menu icon as smaller than the application launchers, but Sweet has it slightly larger, the way I wanted it, so I'll call it fixed.

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#2 2019-01-12 20:42:39

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Re: [SOLVED] Whisker menu icon smaller than others in panel

Good that it is fixed. Just curious about whether you tried using Whisker's own icon size adjustment: right-click icon > Properties > Appearance tab.

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