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#1 2019-01-19 02:03:50

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configuring all my terminals alike

try as i might, i was just not succeeding getting the xfce4-terminal terminal emulator working alike across all my users.  i was getting close but this was going to take a lot of manual labor and it would still likely have some errors.  so i went a found where the configuration files for each user are and made a python script to select the most used setting for each setting parameter.  i used those results to create a master config file which i duplicated over all the config files for each user.  one thing i noticed was that all of them had an empty line at the end.  it did not know if this was a bug in writing the config files or a workaround for a bug in reading the config files.  but, in case it might be the latter, i included an empty line at the end of my master config file that was going to be copied over all the user terminal config files.  i took down all the xfce4-terminal processes (doing this in a gnome-terminal process) and made a couple backups of the current config files and copied the master one all around.   i switched to one of the now-xfce users (all but admin are, now) a fired up a terminal (using one of the launchers i made for them all) and it worked just fine.  i will take this approach for common configurations across these users in the future.  this is the way i have generally done things for decades sing i first worked on mainframes (copying OS builds between machines, etc).


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