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#1 2019-01-30 00:29:06

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the .config/xfce4/desktop/icons.screen0-*.rc files

i have had a few cases where the directory being used for the desktop has changed.  it has changed from ~/Desktop to ~.  to fix it i had figure out where it was being kept.  i found it in a file matching ~/.config/xfce4/desktop/icons.screen0-*.rc and i also found a command to change it.  but i did not find a GUI way to set it.  is there one?  here is the command:

xdg-user-dirs-update --set DESKTOP ~/Desktop

the logout and log back in for the change to take effect.  if there i a way to stay logged in and restart Xfce, that will probably do the job.  the Xfce component dealing with this should have been monitoring the file for changes in much the same way it monitors for changes in the .desktop files in that directory.  or the xdg-user-dirs-update program should signal the change.

for some users there were multiple files.  the part shown in the title with * had different substrings that looked like display sizes of some kind.  but none of them had sizes actually being displayed.  i do not know the height of the usable display but i see nothing reducing the full width of 1920.  actual file names for user "skaperen" are:


what's goingon with this?  why would there be many files?  why are different sizes getiing involved?  why do all users (most have just one of these files) have the size 1904x1039?

firefox can still use the 1920px width and all of the height up to the panel without going into fullscreen mode (1920x1080).

i guess i should take a snapshot and see how much space the panel takes so i can know how much i can fill the working window space with.


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