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#1 2019-02-02 15:43:41

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Scrollbar inaccessible


any idea how to fix the annoying behavior of some applications?
For example: Thunar, mousepad:
I can't scroll when I swing my mouse to the (right) corner of the screen, I have to manually aim for the scroll bar a few pixels to the left.
This seems to be theme independent, and doesn't affect all applications. xfce4-terminal, Firefox, evince and others don't have this problem.

Thanks for any hints.


#2 2019-02-03 06:55:14

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Re: Scrollbar inaccessible

Are you sure your choice of theme isn't causing this behavior? Because I'm currently using Firefox (maximized), and just moved my mouse cursor all the way to the right side of my display. When moving that final pixel-width (or maybe not even that, I can't quite see well enough to be able to tell if it was actually showing any more movement at that point), the vertical "bar on the scroll area that represents vertical position on the page" went from highlighted (blue, on my setup) back to not-highlighted - and I was still able to hold my left mouse button down and move the thing up and down.

EDIT: Okay, I just tried the same thing in Mousepad (maximized) on a multi-page document, and discovered a bit of an odd issue. Technically, I could still scroll up and down, but not by left-clicking and dragging the position-bar up and down. When I pressed the button to "grab/hold" that bar, the screen jumped as if I had left-clicked somewhere on that scroll bar above or below that position bar instead of attempted to grab the thing. Which... Yeah, it's a bit odd, IMHO.


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