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#1 2019-04-29 13:19:53

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Workspace order

Hi! I just updated my xubuntu install to the newest version (xfce 4.12) and noticed the following bug/change:

Scrolling on the Pager panel plugin and on the desktop does not change workspaces in the correct order (the order it used to be anyway) if you use more then one workspace row.
There is already a bug report about this ( https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=15154 ) but it does not seem to be active.

I have attached a screenshot of my workspace settings:
screenshot of settings

The expected/historical behavior is that if you scroll down when you are on workspace #1 (top left) you go to workspace #2 (top right) => #3 (bottom left) => #4 (bottom right)
The behavior now with the same scenario is as following: workspace #1 (TL) => #3 (BL) => #2 (TR) => #4 (BR)
This happens both with the pager (workspace switcher) panel plugin and when you scroll on the desktop background.
The order is correct when I use only one row.

I have taken a look at the code, the plugin itself looks fine to my eyes¹ but I don't know C (and the xfce codebase) enough to figure out what goes wrong.
1. https://github.com/xfce-mirror/xfce4-pa … ger.c#L313

I'm happy to provide more information if required.


Edit: Never mind on the scrolling on the desktop part, this *does* work as expected.

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