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#1 2019-06-01 16:58:44

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xfce 4.12.1 (MX Linux 18.3) dual screen issue


I have a very weird bug with my dual screen setup. I am not sure if it is xfce or MX Linux related.

Whenever I turn off my second screen (set to vertical) my display settings reset to "mirror". This is not happening if I turn on and off my main display. To be more specific:

1. I press the second screen's button to turn it off
2. I wait for 1 second or more
3. I turn on the second screen.
4. Both screens flash.
5. Display settings return to "mirror"

Another weird thing is that even though both screens are set to mirror, if I go to the "Display" manager it looks like my main screen is on top of the second one. I only see my main one but I can see a shadow of the second one below it. In order to be able to see both of them again I have to select and deselect the "Mirror" option.

I have the latest nvidia drivers installed. Unfortunately I have the same issues (+ a few more) with the nouveau driver.

"xfce4-panel --version" gives me:   xfce4-panel 4.12.1 (Xfce 4.12)

Any ideas?

Many thanks,



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