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#1 2019-06-08 06:37:56

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Grey screen on boot but desktop is available on VNC

I have setup a new HTPC recently i have always used XFCE for the DE.This setup on ubuntu 18.04. I have a 1030GT card with the HDMI plugged into my AVR. I have it set to auto login to xfce. When the computer boots it boots to the "grey screen with the x" then you can see it change resolution and it goes to a TEXT cursor. and that is where it stays. If I immediately login to the VNC the desktop I see is there. I load nvidia-settings and just apply the resolution then the screen pops up on the TV. Obviously this i not ideal as i would like the pc to boot so i can see the desktop on boot. I can no see anything interesting in xorg log, although i am not sure what i am looking for.

Not sure how i should go to fix this as i have never come across this before. Any hints?
Thanks in advance!


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