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#1 2019-07-24 10:30:32

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StatusNotifier plugin doesn't call ContextMenu event for its items

While digging into qjackctl bug, related to tray context menu, I only later discovered about qt5 policy of when it uses xembed systray, and when successing statusnotifier interface.

I discovered, that QSystemTrayIcon widget doesn't emit activated(ContextMenu) signal under 3 statusnotifier-based trays, I have installed to tray: mate-panel, plasma5 and xfce-panel statusnotifier plugin. A bit earlier I had only panel's own systray plugin, which had not such problem. Now I use both, so qt apps (and it seems only them) go into statusnotifier, which I like just for more unified view (still has no working gtk3 style for qt5).

Trying to learn more about differences between notification api, including (dis)abilities:
https://askubuntu.com/questions/1119638 … tor-plugin

I found these docs: https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Specif … ifierItem/

Besides that org.freedesktop.* for now are org.kde.*, I looked then to qdbusviewer and found two elements (with just number names), one with org.kde.StatusNotifierItem (belongs to qjackctl) and org.kde.StatusNotifierWatcher. Item instance has among others Activate, SecondaryActivate and ContextMenu methods. To trace calls I used dbus-monitor. First two are ok - they match to left and middle click. But ContextMenu is simply not sent. I did not check plasma5, but I support it is affected, because I clearly got this problem also under mate-panel, and they all cause qt5 apps, runing under these trays, to not get mentioned above signal.

Is really just bug, or rather intentional agreement to avoid call of mentioned method?

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