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#1 2019-09-12 20:36:33

From: right by Jesus, our Saviour
Registered: 2013-06-15
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bug in xfce4-terminal

under these conditions:
    1.  --geometry=1728x432
    2.  --hide-menubar
    3.  --font=18
    4.  a display size of 1920x1080
xfce4-terminal opens a window under the panel and fills the remainder of the screen.  working geometry is set to 137x35 as expected.  outputting 67 rows of text displays the last 34 rows plus the command prompt.  so far OK.  scrolling back uses a 36th line that is partially below the display.  this looks like a "one off" bug.  under less extreme conditions i am not seeing this bug.  i have been able to reproduce it. here is a screenshot:



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