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#1 2006-08-26 21:53:29

Registered: 2006-08-26
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problem with debian list in xfce menu

hello I jave a slight problem. In the xfce menu I have a debian menu list thing(not sure what you would call it big_smile) becase of course I am using a debian based linux distrubution called kanotix.  Any was well it wont show me the items in the debian menu list thing.  Any Ideas? I would apprciate it



#2 2006-09-25 17:10:13

Registered: 2004-03-21
Posts: 26

Re: problem with debian list in xfce menu

The debian-menu is made with the command update-menus. Try run it (as user).
You need to do it everytime you install/remove a program. I think you can solve this by deleting some menu files under your .config directory (/home/user/.config/menu/debian-menu.menu) but Im not quite shure how it works.


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