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#1 2006-12-10 22:45:34

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The picture of my cursor's mouse is cut.

Hy everybody.

I have installed ComixCursors-White-Small-Slim.

I create ~/.icons, put the ComixCursors-White-Small-Slim inside,
and create a ~/.icons/default/index.theme

And write on it :
[Icon Theme]

So, i restart Xorg, and the new cursor is here, beautiful...!

But, the picture of the cursor is cut a little, like if the picture was bigger than
the size of the original cursor's picure...!

It's not really really beautifull...!

Thanks in advance for your help, I searched everywhere, and i someone can help me,
I will be the happyest guy in the world...! smile


#2 2006-12-12 12:03:59

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Re: The picture of my cursor's mouse is cut.

Maybe you have to set the cursor size (available in the 4.4 settings dialog, duno for 4.2).
Other stuff you can try:

[code=~/.Xdefaults]Xcursor.size:  32[/code]

[code]man Xcursor[/code]


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