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#1 2007-02-23 12:31:30

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can XFCE iconbox on screen 2 show Applications of screen 1

Hello dear community,

In my Dual-Monitor-Setup, I just use 2 screens, no xinerama, no twinview.

Now I thought it would be cool to have only panels on screen 2, so that the full space of screen 1 is available!

Launchers are ok, I can just execute "DISPLAY=0.0 terminal" in example.
But the iconbox (or tasklist)! I need a iconbox on a panel on screen 2, showing the applications of screen 1!

Is that somehow possible?

Looking at the tastlist-code, I believe the screen from which the windows are shown is set with "netk_tasklist_set_screen", correct?
From where is this function called? Would it be possible to call it with the other screen?



#2 2007-02-25 21:40:06

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Re: can XFCE iconbox on screen 2 show Applications of screen 1

Try some code like this:

static void
tasklist_screen_changed (GtkWidget *plugin, GdkScreen *screen, 
                         Tasklist *tasklist)
    NetkScreen *ns;

    screen = gtk_widget_get_screen (plugin);

    if (G_UNLIKELY (screen == NULL))
        screen = gdk_screen_get_default ();

    /* this will print the number, so you can get the screen number */
    g_print ("Current Screen: %d\n", gdk_screen_get_number (screen));

    /* your custom number here */
    gint myscreen = 1;

    ns = netk_screen_get (myscreen);

    netk_tasklist_set_screen (NETK_TASKLIST (tasklist->list), ns);

If you see the same number for both screens, try to setup twinview or xinerama... Duno if this code works, but you can at least try it.


#3 2007-03-17 15:22:14

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Re: can XFCE iconbox on screen 2 show Applications of screen 1


Think I'm after the same of similar.

I got xinerama, running two screens, I've put a bar on each and put a task list on each.

I've just switched from Gnome and there only the windows on that screen would show on that tasklist and if I drag it over to another monitor, it would jump to that tasklist.

Can I set it up like this in Xfce? Is that the code I need above? If so, where do I shove it?



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