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#1 2007-03-14 19:05:08

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xinerama (or twinview) and xfce4-panel

hi. i have been trying to get panels in xfce4.4 to understand that i have two screens and not to expand across both of them, but only one.

i am using the nvidia drivers and currently have it set to emulate xinerama mode as opposed to using twinview (although I tried that first with the same results)... my xorg.conf file has the xinerama option set to 1 and other apps seem to see this as being accurate (metacity can tell there are two screens and sticks to the edge of either)

how do i get xfce4-panel to know about both desktops? is there a setting i can do from command line to force it to use xinerama?


#2 2007-03-17 14:51:46

From: NL
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Re: xinerama (or twinview) and xfce4-panel

There should be three options in the panel customization dialog for the width, do you see those? Also, is there a monitor selection option?

The panel, and the rest of Xfce uses GTK to get information about monitors. I would think that metacity does the same.



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