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#1 2007-05-19 15:04:37

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Some questions/propositions


I have some questions/propositions!
I like xfce but not for all.

Isn't it possible to copy/paste a file in a newly opened window? Quite weird  :?
The text under the icons (desktop) is very short sad Can you change it, maybe a good proposition wink
Also having a desktop menu that is able to copy files, create icons (like nautilus)

Thanks to answer smile


#2 2007-05-19 16:00:31

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Re: Some questions/propositions

1) Should be possible when thunar is runnig with dbus (and maybe also in daemon mode)
2) Desktop icons suck, remember that. It's just there because a lot of user want it, or actually are femiliar with it and don't want to change their minds ;D. Anyway the label is truncated to fit in the grid, that's it.
3) You can, when you right-click an icon on the desktop.


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