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#1 2007-05-26 13:49:44

Registered: 2007-05-24
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Sharpen fonts

How do you sharpen fonts?


#2 2007-05-27 07:51:50

From: NL
Registered: 2003-11-26
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Re: Sharpen fonts

Settings, User Interface, ensure Anti-aliasing is switched on. You can then subsequently experiment with the level of hinting and (if you have an LCDisplay) sub-pixel hinting.

Further tweaking is possible by using a special version of the bytecode interpreter libfreetype6 (software that takes care of translating a character in a set of dots on the screen). This version operates inside patents (held by Apple I believe), so is by default not included in most distributions. Special repositories (PLF for Mandriva) distribute it. I have installed this, but am not sure that I really find it giving a better result than the standard libfreetype6.


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