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#1 2007-06-02 11:03:45

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Making the ultimate setup

Hi, it's been 24hrs since I've installed xubuntu in my computer, because I hear it runs fast. At first I was amazed by the sudo apt-get install technique, then spent a lot of time trying to extract .rar, play an mp3 and make java and flashplayer work. Then I got tired and googled about xfce, then I read the comparison page from wiki that xfce was not for newbs like myself!

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison … vironments

Now I want KDE but I don't have a good computer. 1.1Duron, 256mb generic ram, 64vram NVIDIA. Will I migrate to KDE?(how do I do that?) Or maybe customize xfce.

I'm a C programmer but not pro, music person+mp3Download, crunchyroll+youtube, I like games like rpg(FF7,breath of fire 3)+civilization, might and magic series+racing. What programs should I install?
1. Perfect C/C++ IDE
2. Music lib, player, dvd
3. Games! Any good online games?
4. Desktop

Can anyone help me make the perfect Xubuntu setup? Thanks!


#2 2007-06-02 11:51:44

From: Perth
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Re: Making the ultimate setup

Before you worry about KDE take a look at Automatix and/or Easy Ubuntu.

Both solve the problems you're experiencing.


Simon.                                                         (^_^)

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