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#1 2007-10-14 14:59:40

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[solved] XFCE4 hang up after a while

* This problem is solved for me.
* The mentioned patch in my last post did the trick.


as the subjects says my xfce4 desktop hangs up which means it doesn't react to user input (mouse actions and keyboard).
When this happens I am still able to move the mouse cursor but my desktop is ignoring my input completely.
Sometimes when I recognize this hang up (when I clicked one time and something didn't react) I am able to alt+ctrl+backspace out of x
and start it up again, but most of the time I can't kill X this way as the keyboard input is getting ignored too.

It is possible to log in to my machine via ssh when the desktop isn't usable anymore and kill X , so I isn't looking like an hardware problem.
KDE is working without these problems but I really want to use xfce as I prefer it over kde3.

When I have started a terminal window and let something run and getting a xfce hang up at this moment the terminals output is still working (but no input).

Do you have any ideas where I can start to search for the source of this problem ?

My system is a Dell Inspiron 1520 Laptop, intel core 2 duo 2gHz, 2GB Ram, gefoerce 8600gt, Kernel, Sourcemage Linux,
Architecture nocona_64,
Optimizations: combreloc speedy strip

Kind regards,


#2 2007-10-21 14:39:35

Registered: 2007-10-14
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Re: [solved] XFCE4 hang up after a while

Nobody else with this problem ? - No ideas what can be wrong ?

One thing I recognized is when I quit the session and saved the settings xfce was starting up the next time without the window borders and desktop management. I had to start xfwm manually to get everything looking right again  maybe this is related to my hangup problem ?

Oh, I am running the current "stable" version 4.4.1

Okay, I did found something: http://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3346
I'll try it and let you know if this fixes my problem.



#3 2007-11-04 00:33:51

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Re: [solved] XFCE4 hang up after a while


I think I have the same problem. Xfce hangs realy often.

I've read about the bug but don't have time and knowledge to
patch my system.

Anyone nowing when a bugfix comes (a new version for xfwm).

Else I have to find some other temporary window manager.

Best regards

I'm running Debian/Testing and it uses gtk 2.12.1 and uses
composite and bad nvidia drivers.


#4 2007-11-18 13:32:10

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Re: [solved] XFCE4 hang up after a while

4.4.2 will be released today if not problems show up in the last minute.


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