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#1 2007-10-15 20:34:13

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So I'm probably just being difficult here...

I'm running xfce4, but without the panel. I get all the information I might get from the panel from conky, a list of running programs from middle click and program launchers etc from right click. It might sound odd but I enjoy the extra screen space.

However, I ran up against a problem. I really need to run the power manager (and probably some other stuff as time goes on) but as far as I can tell this can only be done with the panel running. Can I make the panel invisible (auto hide isn't enough)? Can I run panel programs without it? If I should just give up and go to a different desktop environment, can you suggest one?

Thanks a lot.


#2 2007-11-18 12:07:41

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Re: So I'm probably just being difficult here...

You can't run panel plugins without panel. You can make the border of the panel smaller (1px) then the default 3px, fully hidden is not possible.


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