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#1 2008-01-03 06:14:09

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xfmedia: Dispalying track names in playlist

Hi all

I'm using xfce 4.4.2 and xfmedia.  Regarding the playing of CDs, xfmedia works fine, but the names of tracks in the playlist do not appear; instead the playlist features tracks names such as "cdda:/1" and so on (that is, the filenames).  If I right click on any track, and select the track info, the track name is there, as well as the artist and album name.  The file name is "cdda:/1", but I would rather display the track name!  (Who wouldn't?) The track name appears in the window titlebar.

How do I get the track info to display in the playlist?  (The xfmedia webapge implies it just happens, according to the screenshots there.)

Thanks for any help.



#2 2008-01-12 14:04:22

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Re: xfmedia: Dispalying track names in playlist

I have the same problem using Rhythmbox 0.11.2 and hope that there is a common solution.


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