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#1 2008-01-13 06:36:01

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cpu usage


i'm a recent convert to xfce and i'm loving it (i come from gnome).
however, there is one feature which i miss a lot. in one of my gnome panels i had the gnome-system-monitor tray icon which gave the current cpu usage.

for me this is very important, like having a car without an rpm counter... anyways, i searched around and the nearest thing i could find is conky. but conky still isn't what i want... i want something which can sit in an xfce panel.

any ideas? thanks in advance!


#2 2008-01-13 17:04:01

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Re: cpu usage


You can have a look to xfce4-systemload-plugin or xfce4-cpugraph-plugin. Your distro should provide a package for them.

To use them, right click on the panel --> Add New Item and double click (or drag & drop) System Load Monitor or Cpu Graph, depending on the one you want to use.


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