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#1 2008-05-01 17:41:05

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No icons on menu tray


I'm using xfce 4.0 on a debian lenny/sid box, my problem is that i don't have any icons not either on the pop-up menu or in the main menu, all the icons of the desktop are available and on the toolbar too.
When i used xfdesktop --menu, my menu appears with the icons but then i tried to  click the xfce icon and my menu appears but with no icons on it, it only shows  the names of the programs.


#2 2008-05-05 09:20:08

From: Germany
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Re: No icons on menu tray

Right click on your xfce icon, click on properties and see if the most obvious checkbox has become unchecked.




#3 2009-03-22 06:50:43

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Re: No icons on menu tray

Hello, I have the same kind of problem, but I only some icons are displayed.

I'm on Debian Lenny, and just after installing version 4.6, some menu icons are replaced by crosses. Some sub-menu icons are missing too.
As for the icons, terminal, xfcedit and webbrowser panel(But for them it was easy to recover).

I take a screenshot so you can better understand: http://bayimg.com/image/caojaaabh.jpg

It seems it can't find the icons (because of the cross), as if there was an error in the name or the address, but I don't know the file that manages it, I prefer to avoid change anything.    
I think it is located in this folder, but the names of icons to replace that I do not know ... ~/.cache/xfce4/desktop$

Sorry for my bad english, I'm french ;D


#4 2009-05-05 07:01:22

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Re: No icons on menu tray

Install tango-icon-theme and gnome-icon-theme.


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