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#1 2008-07-06 04:20:56

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missing system tray icons

I am using the XUbuntu 8.0.4LTS on a Dell Latitude C610 (PIII1.2G 512M). Last night, I accidentally click something like remove for the system tray network (nm-applet I think). And it is gone, together with several other things there, such as the the battery indicator, Date of Orgae and icons of programs like skype, pidgin, stardict.... Some native icons, that you can add in by "add New Items", are still there in the panel, such as the network monitor, mixer, notes, cpu graph, time and quit button. I restart the system and restart the panel. Neither works. I tried to run nm-applet and nothing shows up. But if I ps -aux|grep nm-applet, I can see both the original one, nm-applet --sm-disable, and this new one I started. similar for other programs like skype, pidgin, they are running fine, just fail to show up in he system tray.  How do I get them back? Thanks.


#2 2008-07-08 20:17:49

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Re: missing system tray icons

There's actually an applet called the "system tray"

If you right click on your panel and scroll through the applets, you should find it.  You may have to relaunch some items, but I believe that's exactly what you're looking for....

Not sure if it's the same in ubuntu... but should be


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