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#1 2008-07-23 10:15:28

Registered: 2008-07-23
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Taskbars all gone?

Hi, My taskbars, both top and bottom are missing.

I have Ubuntu 8.04.1 With GNOME, KDE and XFCE installed. I have been using Gnome for a while, when I logged in using XFCE however it gave an error about the Internet and then loaded the desktop but no title bars? THat means I don't have any start menu, no systray or programs tray. Any help would be great. Thanks


#2 2008-08-07 00:06:34

Mr. Swillis
Registered: 2008-08-06
Posts: 10

Re: Taskbars all gone?

Do you have the specific error you are getting on startup? Also, what happens when you right click on the desktop? Do you get the applications menu?



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