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#1 2009-01-21 13:38:48

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Editing Menu ? Maybe I messed up some menus


   it's the Linux Newcomer again... probably a simple question:
I have got a Menu, and it is messed up somehow, some applications are doubled e.g. Mozilla can be called straight from the menu or from Submenu "Netzwerk", so how can I get rid of that. I donnot want Epiphany webbrowser in the "Netzwerk" Menu (see Screenshot)


Where can I edit the whole menu. E.g. moving a shortcut from Debian Menu into the main menu etc. I have got the feeling there are sort of automatically generated menus and somehow 3 main menus stacked together...
By the way, I am Using Xfce under Debian/Gnome and installed xfce on top of that. Of course I am logging in with a Xfce Session. After that I start "nautilus --browser" via Autostart, because I use nautilus mainly as a desktop replacement..

Ideas, suggestions and Infos are welcome
Thankyou in advance



#2 2009-01-25 10:00:23

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Re: Editing Menu ? Maybe I messed up some menus

Inside that menu go to configuration and then to main menu.

If you can't find it that way you may try /usr/bin/alacarte


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