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#1 2009-02-27 04:42:23

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Question about themes and such

I recently installed Linux Mint 6 XFCE CE. Was wondering how and where you add themes, icons and such in this distro? Is there a good PDF ebook or something about XFCE out there as well? Thanks.


#2 2009-02-27 13:10:36

Registered: 2008-10-25
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Re: Question about themes and such

If you want your themes and icons available system wide then put them in /usr/share/themes and /usr/share/icons as root. For yourself you can put them in ~/.themes and ~/.icons. As for installing them, if you just downloaded one from the net just unpack it to one of the previously mentioned corresponding directories and it will be seen by the settings manager.

I don't know of a book but it you right click and select "help", the documentation is pretty good.


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