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#1 2009-03-19 15:10:07

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Printer Configuration with XFCE 4.6

GUI Printer Configuration with XFCE 4.6

It looks like the only way to configure the OS for Printing is to use "system-config-printer"...

The tools provided by XFCE 4.6 do not provide this functionality as far as I can tell...
"xfprint4-manager" does not do it
and the "Xfce Settings Manager" "Printing System Settings" does not do it, (ie: configure a local or network printer)

Is there any other way to setup XFCE for printing ??? 

- something with a smaller footprint would be better...



#2 2009-03-20 06:28:44

From: Perth
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Re: Printer Configuration with XFCE 4.6

Install all the gnome print setup files, set the printer up and then remove the gnome stuff again.

Once complete back up the /etc/cups directory for future installs.

Simon.                                                         (^_^)

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