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#1 2009-03-21 10:49:29

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Newbie with xfdesktop problems

Hi! Let me first make it clear that I am not very familiar with linux and I'm just a basic user. Anyways, here is my issue:

I disabled the desktop icons that the Xfce Desktop Manager provides. The problem is, after restarting my netbook, the desktop won't launch! I have to make my way into the terminal to runthe xfdesktop command to get started, which gets very annoying after a few boots. I've tried to edit the "Client0_command" in xfce-session.rc to xfdesktop and also tried adding the xfdesktop command to the autostart editor but none of it worked. I've read that similar issues can be solved by saving your session before logging out but I when I try to open up the Session Manager I get an error which reads "Xfce Setting Manager error: No such plugin "session"" (I dunno if this is how it is supposed to be because I also tried to reset my OS with the recovery disk but I still couldn't access the Session Manager?).

So, any help or tips for this poor linux newbie would be very much appreciated smile

(Oh yeah, I'm using the Aspire One with 512 MB in memory and 8 GB flashdrive that came with linux installed)


#2 2009-04-19 14:44:57

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Re: Newbie with xfdesktop problems

how do u disable desktop icons ?


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