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#1 2009-06-11 14:11:32

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Cygwin Install

Hello everybody, I searched for a while and I did not find anything about installing XFCE 4.6 or other current version with cygwin (winXP), would you mind telling me where I can find a installation guide? where I can get the binary or how to compile from source?

Thanks in advance for your help


#2 2009-06-21 19:31:35

Registered: 2009-06-11
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Re: Cygwin Install

it seems that nobody wants to reply....

I just found an old version installation guide, but I really do not know how to update the xfce4 to the last version...

Download all files to a directory inside your Cygwin installation, such as C:\Cygwin\home\[username]\xfce.
Create a /opt/xfce4 directory in Cygwin.
Make sure that your glib2 and gtk2 packages are installed on Cygwin. You may need to rerun the setup program on Cygwin to install them.
From the Cygwin shell, navigate to the directory where the XFCE files are located. Type ./installpkg.sh -v *.bz2 and press [Enter]. This will install XFCE into Cygwin.
Once XFCE is installed, edit your .bashrc file and add the following:
export PATH

To start XFCE, type the following:


http://www.compuspec.net/reference/os/c … tion.shtml

New version (sources and binaries)
http://mirror.facebook.net/sourceware/c … ase/Xfce4/

My problem is that I can't make it run, What I did was to download all the binaries from the avobe mirror, installed all the binaries with installpkg.sh and after typing starxfce4 my x windows crash...  :? WTH is going on?



#3 2009-06-21 20:21:28

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Re: Cygwin Install

it seems that nobody wants to reply....

If nobody answers most likely it's because no one knows.... not because no one wants to answer.

Your question is quite specific and is actually a distro question (if we see cygwin as a distro) and not an xfce question.. So i suggest asking the right ppl.


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