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#1 2009-10-14 08:29:27

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How to clone Xfce preferences?

Hello everybody

I am new to Xfce but after looking at the FAQ and some sections of these communities looking
"preferences clone" or "preferences export" I haven't found a solution.
The problem is: I have installed and configured Xfce in one of my machines, including the
addition of some launchers I like to have in the panel, window focus and transparency
preferences, etc.
I would like to have all these settings exported to another machine without having to
configure everything again. I have tried to recursively copy the directory $HOME/.config/xfce4
but this doesn't work. Which other files should I put in the destination machine to have
everything in order? (or shouldn't I have copied this directory...?)
For your information, my distribution is a Fedora Core 11.

   Thanks a lot in advance.



#2 2009-10-16 22:10:16

From: Idaho
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Re: How to clone Xfce preferences?

You'll need to copy several files/dirs, lets see if I can run down the list and not forget anything smile


That should get most of the stuff, there have been several threads about this same settings too iirc.


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