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#1 2010-01-15 07:09:34

Registered: 2010-01-12
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[Solved] gnome desktop instead of xfce?

Hello there,

I first installed ubuntu 9.10 with gnome on my laptop;
then decided to try xfce (so installed the xubuntu-desktop stuff) -
and well; I like it.

Problem is now: when logging in, I see the xfce splash for
a while ... then my xfce background image ... then my old
gnome desktop image [all icons gnome style] ... then stuff
switches again to xfce background [icon style changes too].

That is annoying; but not a big deal. But sometimes
(I guess when I am not patient enough and start clicking
somewhere while the gnome background is there) ... it
stays "gnome".
So, i have my xfce panel at the bottom ... but gnome
icons and image. Also behaviour seems to be "gnomish",
as a click on an icon gives the typical "gnome" sandclock

Any idea how to
a) force switching to xfce in case the gnome stuff stays up
b) prevent the gnome stuff to show up at all?
(besides doing a complete fresh install of xubuntu only)



#2 2010-01-15 14:45:12

From: Idaho
Registered: 2005-12-25
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Re: [Solved] gnome desktop instead of xfce?

Hello again nsw42 smile

Sounds like you started nautilus once and it was saved in your Session.  killall -9 nautilus should fix that, you might have to restart xfdesktop after that.  See if its running, Open a Terminal and look over "ps ax", if you don't see xfdesktop hit ALT+F2-> xfdesktop.  Also look for other GNOME related crap running and kill as you see fit smile

Make sure you Save your Session on Logout so the correct things are saved as running, also if you use nautilus down the road use it with --no-desktop so it doesn't try to take over.


#3 2010-01-20 07:32:59

Registered: 2010-01-12
Posts: 36

Re: [Solved] gnome desktop instead of xfce?

Thank you, that helped.

No more "gnome desktop" during login after I killed the
nautilus process and saved my session.


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