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#1 2010-02-21 20:02:36

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Trying to Change mixer plugin to generic-slider?

Xubuntu 9.10 Xfce 4.6.1. I want to remove mixer-plugin & put generic-slider as a master volume control (old style).
http://goodies.xfce.org/projects/panel- … ric-slider

Or not to remove if both can stay. But if I add generic-slider to panel it only slides back to zero. If I remove xfce4-mixer-plu from panel The mixer  goes "defunct" & also amixer used in generic slider.

Adjust this command: amixer set PCM %v
Denominator for adjusting: 31
Sychronize with this command: amixer get PCM | grep -Eom1 ‘[0-9]+%’ | sed -e ‘s/%//’
Denominator for sychronizing: 100


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