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#1 2010-03-17 15:20:43

Registered: 2010-03-12
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changing background colour - xfconf-query interface

I'm the Debian package maintainer for "floatbg" which gradually changes the desktop background colour over time, and I just hacked in Xfce support.

To avoid linking with libxfconf and having the floatbg package pull in dependencies which Gnome or plain-X users might not want installed, I'm calling out to xfconf-query (I know it's not the most efficient way...) but I wonder, is that command-line interface stable, or likely to change?

At the moment I'm using Xfce4 4.6.1 from lenny-backports.



#2 2010-03-19 00:06:31

From: Idaho
Registered: 2005-12-25
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Re: changing background colour - xfconf-query interface

Hello Dave,

I use the same method in scripts for random wallpapers, works fine.  The API should be pretty stable as of 4.6, although some channel/properties might change from version to version.  You should have included a link to your app smile


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