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#1 2010-04-02 16:57:32

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Thunar from git, trouble with trash service

Hi all!
I am currently making an Arch Linux based Live CD with recent Xfce, which is most contains latest and git versions of Xfce apps.

I faced up with Thunar, as you can read in subject of this topic.

When session starts, Xfce panel's trash applet says "Please, check if you running a File manager with Trash support, like Thunar", something like this.

When I tried to click Trash's icon on desktop, it says: cannot open trash:///, or something like this.

So, it is not strange because of development status, but I've found, that when I restart Thunar. not with just killling it, let's say by typing
$killall Thunar

but with

$kill -1 `pidof Thunar`

After this, trash applet starts working again! And in Thunar's left panel, trash and remote filesystems/local disks icons appears.

gvfs is installed.

So, what the strange thing this may be? If anybody needs live cd, I can upload it on file store service.

Thanks, and sorry for my bad English


#2 2010-04-05 22:10:44

From: Idaho
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Re: Thunar from git, trouble with trash service

Sounds like a small bug, see if you can catch Jannis on IRC or file a bug report for Thunar


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