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#1 2010-07-07 23:59:51

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Copying files via ftp or gvfs with Thunar stops after 1-2 seconds

I use Debian Squeeze (32-bit) + Xfce.
I have this issue with Thunar:
I can never copy a file from gvfs mounts (via Gigolo or command line) or from separately mounted ftp shares (via fstab).
The transfer starts ans 1-2 seconds later it just stops with an error - "cannot read file" or something similar. A few MBs are transferred though - in case of larger files (5-600 MB) i have 50-60 MB transferred via 1 Gb link (or in some cases 100-200 MB). Sometimes the file transfer doesnt even begin and i have that error.
Other file managers like Mucommander (Java-based) or Tuxcommander (gtk) or from command line work with the same files without problems.
Any ideas why is this happening?


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