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#1 2010-10-15 07:31:25

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Shutting down apps is not snappy


It's not a big issue but I wonder why it takes anywhere from 0.5 - 1 seconds to close Gimp, Firefox, Ooo?
I'm sure it can't be my hardware, I have i3 530 @ 3.5 ghz, 4 gigs RAM.
Running Archlinux 64 bit version, ext4, with the latest XFCE, 4.6.2.

I don't recall experiencing anything similar in other desktop environments (KDE, Gnome)...
Note that I don't experience any lagging while using the applications.
Again, it's not a big deal but if anyone has an idea, and how to remedy that please let me know.

What I have observed :
If I open Gimp, Firefox and Ooo via the terminal and then close it, the apps terminate very quickly, just the way it's supposed to. But if I close them via the x button or Alt+F4 it lags... 1 second before the app is gone.



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