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#1 2010-12-25 11:21:32

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Xfce is not showing my mouse

Hello everybody and happy christmas.

I have some issues with my brand-new christmas present: an M510 Logitech Mouse with Unyfing receiver.

Mouse is working fine, also the "extra buttons" work fine, but I just wanted to increase the "Mouse Acceleration".

Thing is that the mouse is not showing in the "Mouse" window (in the settings manager). I just have a "Virtual Mouse", and changing its parameters don't take any effect on the "real" mouse.

Every other mouse (PS2 or USB) I tried it's shown in that window, except the new one.

How the "Mouse settings manager" works? Where can I look to find what's wrong?

EDIT: The "xset m" command works on the mouse. How can I make it permanent?

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