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#1 2011-01-10 20:21:16

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12 windows starts after logging into XFCE

Hi guys,

Following issue:
Every time I log into XFCE 12 windows with the location of my home-folder appear. I unchecked the box "Save the session automatically" in the session settings (Don't know the exact words in english..). Any other window which was open BEFORE logging out of XFCE won't start after logging in again; so I guess this is no session-related problem.

I have to add that this "phenomenon" happens since I added my new mobile phone via blueman-applet. The thing is: The name of the mobile phone is the same as my home folder and every time I want to open the content of the flash drive on my mobile, the 12 windows open again.
I completely disabled blueman-applet, it doesn't appear anywhere but the phenomenon does (after logging in)

I hope I didn't explain it too complicated big_smile

Can anyone help me out?



#2 2011-01-27 07:54:38

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Re: 12 windows starts after logging into XFCE

For some reason the app seems to be stored in the session (so after closing all the windows, so need to save it once during logout). If that doesn't work you can look in the "session and startup" dialog to see which applications are registered in the session and quit them if needed (also here, save once during logout).

More radical measure is removing ~/.cache/session and check there are no desktop files related to this in ~/config/autostart.


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