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#1 2011-01-31 02:55:33

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[Solved] Keyboard Shortcuts for Volume

Hi All,

Question, I installed XFCE 4.8 by myself, compiled it on Linux Mint 10. If I want to change my volume with my buttons on my Gateway NV53, I have to run gnome-keyboard-properties, and then it allows me to use the softkeys for my volume up and down (by soft-keys i mean you have to touch it with your finger and, it's not a button, but like a capacitive touch screen).

Is there a way I can get that to work in XFCE? It looks like it doesn't associate to any particular key number or that, so I don't know what i would need to do to get it to work.


EDIT: I fixed it, I didn't realize it was associated with a key cause some apps I used it in wouldn't register a keyboard number or what not. So I used a script someone made and it's working.


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