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#1 2011-02-04 06:46:52

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xfce4.8 on Centos5.5 (how to install without recompiling xorg)


Being stuck with no-root Centos 5.5 at work I was trying to install xfce4.8 in user-space.
The whole thing was going neatly, until I got to the xfce4-settings manager which is the one needing X libraries...
That's where it all goes wrong as I don't really want to updae libXi to newer version, because this means updating the whole Xorg, which
without root-access will be a mess.

Therefore my question: Can I install xfce4.8 without the libXi being updated? what do I risk? I could perhaps downgrade the version  in the sources and proceed, but wouldn't I break everything? Or maybe I don't need settings manager at all?

What would you recommend?



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