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#1 2011-03-07 20:27:27

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FYI Xfce is awesome

I love Xfce, I have been a fan since the first 4.x release. I was a hardcore KDE user for the past couple of years, mainly because of the newer functionality it had. I recently got tired of how heavy it became and how many bugs I ran into. I switched back to Xfce with the idea that it would only be a temporary move until KDE 4.6 was released. I now have no intention of going back. You guys offer all the functionality that I need. Xfce appears to be a niche community but I hope more people join in.

I would like to contribute to Xfce when I finish school but I've heard some horror stories about gtk and I have focused on Qt because of that.

In case you are curious I run Xfce 4.8 with Arch on a Lenovo T410s.


#2 2011-03-07 20:53:35

From: Santa Fe, NM, USA
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Re: FYI Xfce is awesome

Welcome to the Xfce Forums.

+1 for Xfce-4.8  tongue


#3 2011-03-21 00:25:07

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Re: FYI Xfce is awesome

It does not need to be a "niche" environment.
LXDE is getting some attention because it has a lower profile.

That would change if XFCE becomes (I hope and advocate) slimmer by merging or run OVER (Enlightenment) E-Libs. Just like Gnome can run over OpenBox.

Someone will have to choose the best path to do it...
... and the sooner the better. I rather use XFCE than LXDE on some PC's

And on THE OTHER where XFCE has enough RAM to be used... there are a lot of application DO NOT because of intensive graphical CPU demand (like Skype) NOT NEEDED if the E-Libs were running.

So I advocate... So XFCE could benefit instead of others.
I suppose LXDE can make that move easier, but that would mean Some PC's without XFCE where I would like to see it on every one of them... including the lower RAM PC's.

No! I do not like Enlightenment UI... unless it could emulate XFCE.
Nah! Linux+ELibs+XFCE... that is a dream come true.
Is something wrong in this winning picture... like being unreasonable?


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