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#1 2011-03-13 21:16:38

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Who has a usable remote desktop connection using koshi/xfce 4.8.1?

Mythbuntu 10.10 using xfce 4.8.1
vnc4server 4.1.1

PC1 = Mythbuntu 10.10 using xfce 4.8.1 and vnc4server 4.1.1

PC2 = winXP SP3 (32bit) using tightVNC v1.5.2

First, I can connect btwn both PCs. I'm using PC2 to view desktop of PC1 and here are the problems:

1. After the connection is made, I see an empty desktop from PC1. No open applications; no "Applications Menu"; no upper horizontal panel/taskbar. I do see a few desktop icons and the desktop-background is visible. Basically, I've logged into a new session but most of the functionality is lost.

2. If I click on firefox icon. It opens off centered (down and right of center) to the point that I can't see half of the window. So I try to move its position and it doesn't move.

3. If I click on Opera I get an error prompt:
because its lock file is active
/home/user/.opera/lock 2 Buttons appear : Yes and No

4. If I click on Geany (text editor), the window opens and I can see the entire window, but I can't move it.

So basically, I have an active connection but its not doing what I expect it to do, and that is to shadow my existing workspace, and allow me to use the workspace as I could if I were there.

Does anyone have any ideas? Does anyone have a working xfce vnc configuration?


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