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#1 2011-03-20 17:09:13

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XFCE on ELF steroids - A recipe for success?

A tour on the the problem:

1st - I used XFCE for some years, though the system monitor applet from gnome is a "sine-qua-non" tool I've always the eye on. So for the moment it's what I use in my main PC. Maybe there's a way around to place it on XFCE. But most PC's I deal with just have 256M... 98lite is a solution... or LXDE to keep them usable.

So this is the problem: The basis become blunted, and while XFCE was solution... it slipped the whole PC's park due the need to evolve quickly to catch all the new goodies.

Enter Enlightenment_Libraries:
- Excellent, but the proposed UI fails, and will hardly come out of its alpha stage.
- Not so with it's System Libraries, arrived to extremely stable v1.0 after a decade.
- Stable and efficient,as with a nec-plus-ultra accelerated VGA system... by software.
- This is the recipe for success, and it includes XFCE.

I do have faith, while not knowing how gnome in placed on the back of OpenBox... That XFCE may do the same with the recent released Enlightenment. They will be stable for years without need for "changes".
They are the perfect tool to base on. Not that XFCE are not good, just... these are the ticket to success.

If dificult to make the merge... XFCE should create a wine-like XFCE and GTK bridge between those Enlightenment libraries 1.x and the XFCE GUI. This is NECESSARY to restore XFCE, to (promote it), as the lightest USABLE environment. Before anyone does, like the LXDE system.

The first to do it... will be a winner for all the possibilities opened.
The healthy competition here is just to be the first to be really small and fast.
Enlightment UI is NOT usable and LXDE (while interesting) is a long way from XFCE by the usability goal. But for some PC's... the LXDE is the only choice due to RAM constraints. Not if E-libs are used!

I believe XFCE is much better, as everyone here certainly thinks the same.
So I believe the first distro to use XFCE on the back of the EFL Enligthment libraries (E-Libs for short) will be a remarkable change and become the leading proponent to the return of Linux as THE real flexible, efficient, usable OS.

Linux+E-libs+XFCE accepting GTK applications.
A recipe of success? It seems so!
Problems? There are alway problems, and a will to surpass them.
But the prize...

The prize is getting the linux dream come true.
M$ lurkers should be very worried to read this. So be aware of dirty tricks, like them trying to buy E-Libs so they will not be used, or only by them... or something else. It will come, be sure when this trend begins.

Fight for world domination? I bet on [Linux + E-Libs + XFCE] synergies:
Safer by Linux, Smaller and Faster with E-libs... and usable with XFCE.

Dutra de Lacerda
Alias Factor-H
AKA  DuLac

P.S. - I do wish to see that light XFCE-Plus rule ALL existing PC's (as it should)

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#2 2011-03-23 15:45:25

Registered: 2011-03-20
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Re: XFCE on ELF steroids - A recipe for success?

Can be done, either by a Wine-like interface translation, with cooperation in getting the "rails" closer and joined by a smaller interface layer. Starting with the most desirable (faster graphics) libraries, and then most of the others that mean smaller code.

Easy job? No. But the synergies in the result more that justify.

On the XFCE side: I mentioned those in the previous post.
On the "E" side: So many applications are based on GTK, that an effort do deliver a "connections" would make sense to Enlightenment... while continuing it's own "smaller faster system".

So there are synergies to be explored, made available as anyone knows that two hands, when using both in cooperation is better that using 3 or 4 isolated. And here, it may be more than ten and an opportunity for XFCE not to follow but to lead, and of "E" to finally find it's place.


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