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#1 2011-03-31 01:23:31

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Installed xfce4 but only got minimal system?

Using ubuntu 10.10 server without any desktop I used "sudo apt-get install gdm xfce4".  It wouldn't start from startx.  Then I tried startxfce4 but that wasn't installed either.  I then installed xfce4 utilities.  It now executes with startxfce4 command from the shell.  Trouble is that all I get is a file manager window, and uxterm (Lynx text web browser).  That's it!. 

How do I get a real web browser, internet connectivity, etc. as part of the gui?  What I need it for is to administer the server using gui's like Webmin, CUPS admin, etc.


#2 2011-03-31 05:58:25

From: Moscow
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Re: Installed xfce4 but only got minimal system?

use apt-get needed aplications (example apt-get install firefox4 and other)?


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