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#1 2011-07-31 20:56:35

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Hi from a relative novice

Many of the posters on "Say Hello" seem to be experienced and capable Linux users.  Well, I'm one of those perpetual novices-a 58 year old lawyer from Canada who's been using Linux for about three years at home and at the office for perhaps 2 and a half years and whose knowledge of the command line is woefully inadequate.

I run Mint 9 (Main edition, so Gnome) on the computers at the office, and had previously tried Xubuntu (back in 2008-2009, switching as in those days I couldn't see any gain in speed over Gnome) and more recently Mint XFCE (the Debian edition) as well as at times PCLOS Phoenix.  I also tried Xubuntu 11.04 recently, ran into a problem shutting down (about 30% of the time my machine wouldn't shut down at all) and took a leap and installed Debian Testing on my home machine, with an XFCE desktop.

On booting the system, I'm getting 86 to 87 MB of RAM used and am mostly set up just as I like the desktop, with my wife as a user set up pretty much as she likes her desktop, so I'm pleased with the combination of configurability and low resource use.



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