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#1 2011-10-03 13:03:10

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Reducing size (or hiding) window decorations for maximised windows?


I'm wanting to switch to XFCE on my pretty small 8.9" netbook. The one thing that stopping me from switching is the screen space issue. On my tiny screen the border on a maximised widow just takes up too much space. Is there any way to reduce this?

I've tried maximus which seems to make the decorations disappear but doesn't resize the contents to fill the space.

Are there any other suggestions?


#2 2011-10-03 13:54:47

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Re: Reducing size (or hiding) window decorations for maximised windows?

The window borders are defined by the Window Manager theme. You can choose a theme in Settings Manager > Window Manager > Style with thin border/caption.
Or you can manually hack a theme by replacing all the /usr/share/themes/your_theme/xfwm4/maximize-* or ~/.theme/your_theme/xfwm4/maximize-* images with very thin images.

For hiding caption : I don't know if it possible with xfwm4, the Xfce window manager.

Xfce is NOT Xubuntu. Bugs in Xubuntu don't mean that Xfce is buggy ...


#3 2012-02-13 10:53:13

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Re: Reducing size (or hiding) window decorations for maximised windows?

Hey, old thread but might help someone out. I haven't found the permanent solution. But this script allows disabling/enabling decorations manually:
http://askubuntu.com/questions/75284/re … dow/103598

Edit: if you're using compiz, then this tutorial shows how to disable decorations automatically for maximized windows:
http://jaket.is-a-geek.com/blog/linux/r … ith-compiz

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