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#1 2011-12-25 15:46:48

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Lost Xfce menu panel and Debian log-on panel

Seasons Greetings All!

I was tired and screwed up my Xfce panel bar. I was idly clicking the left handle and Workspace switcher and "accidently" popped up several new panels which appeared as small white rectangles on my screen. As I clicked each to delete them one by one maybe I deleted one too many because my entire panel bar disappeared. I tapped my on/off switch to get the system to pop up a Restart/Log-Out/Switch User box and logged out to return to my normal Gnome set-up which is perfectly alright (good thing I haven’t totally deleted Gnome yet!). Only thing is now the bottom panel bar you get when you first boot-up/restart the system is also missing and replaced by a mere generic Debian log-in window. I didn't realize the Xface panel bar also affected that log-in bar; I assumed it was totally separate. How can I restore the panel? I do have Deja-Dup and I heard that if it's a Xfce menu configuration corruption problem that I can somehow replace it with one from Deja-Dup, but that's supposed to be a pain to do, correct?

Any hints would be invaluable!



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#2 2012-01-04 20:17:40

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Re: Lost Xfce menu panel and Debian log-on panel


You still looking for a response ?

Have you anything in your desktop configuration you want to keep ?  Removing what you have and letting xfce start all over again would be the simplest solution.

Do this kind of thing you should reboot into failsafe mode so you remove stuff while xfce is not running.  For me that is:
  * reboot from the xfce desktop
  * select the second entry on the grub menu when that appears
  * enter root password when prompted
  * use su <username> to become my usual self
  * cd <CR> to get to my home directory.

Now you have the choice of deleting or moving to one side one or all of the following hidden directories:
  * .cache
  * .config
  * .local

If you move them to one side you reserve the possibility of recovering settings you didn't want to lose.

I would suggest you start with moving to one side just .cache and then reboot and see what you get.  I would expect you will get your panel bar back as it was before.  If you were to move .config as well I would expect you would get back to the panel as it was when you first installed xfce.

Try that and see what happens to your login screen.  I too am surprised that this is affected but you don't say which Linux distribution and display manager you are using without which any suggestions would be shots in the dark.


#3 2012-12-12 02:16:52

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Re: Lost Xfce menu panel and Debian log-on panel

Thanks. deleting the .cache directory and rebooting rescued my panel after I mindlessly clicked it away into oblivion. 
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