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#1 2012-02-01 05:14:02

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window title order in 'window buttons' menu

Like so many people, I've just adopted xfce as an alternative to Gnome 3, and for the most part it's working really well so far.  There's just one fairly minor issue I haven't been able to solve for myself.

In particular, I'm using the 'window buttons' plugin, configured as follows:

   [x] Show button labels
   [ ] Show flat buttons
   [x] Show handle
   [x] Rotate buttons in vertical panel
   Sorting order:  Window title

   Window grouping:  Always
   [ ] Restore minimized windows to current workspace
   [ ] Draw window frame when hovering over a button

   [ ] Show windows from all workspaces or viewports
   [x] Show windows from all monitors
   [ ] Show only minimized windows

The actual buttons are sorted left-to-right by application name, as expected.

However, when I click on a button to see the titles of the windows grouped for that application, they appear in what appears to be random order.  Is there a configuration option which would cause them to be sorted by title name?

This is on a system running Arch Linux with xfce4 version 4.8.1 and xfwm4 version 4.8.3


#2 2013-04-17 15:16:28

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Re: window title order in 'window buttons' menu


I've the same problem using xubuntu 12.04 / 12.10 / 13.04 (beta)
I'm grouping my windows using xfce tasklist-menu and I can't sort my buttons alphabetically. (If i'm not grouping windows they are well sorted by name)
When using a large number of grouped xfce4-termial it's not easy to quickly retrive a terminal

Any work around or fix ?


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