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#1 2012-02-06 15:40:57

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Updating to ALSA 1.0.25 problem

Hello i'm new to XFCE intall it last week, and planing to stay with it, problem is that i'm tring to install ALSA 1.0.25 to make my Tascam us-428 work but after intaling ALSA drivers and library, configuring the utilities return me this message:

checking for snd_ctl_elem_add_enumerated... no
configure: error: No user enum control support in alsa-lib

i already spend a lot of hours trying to make it work, and a lot of google, no one looks like have a answer, any idea will be apreciate.


#2 2012-02-06 22:53:54

Registered: 2011-08-13
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Re: Updating to ALSA 1.0.25 problem

It's not a Xfce issue. It's more alsa problem I think. May be try with alsa 1.0.24 ?

Xfce is NOT Xubuntu. Bugs in Xubuntu don't mean that Xfce is buggy ...


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