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#1 2012-02-18 02:46:40

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Hi everyone :)
Is it possible to remove the delete option that appear in thunar when you click on a file and/or a dir with the right click of the mouse?

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#2 2012-02-29 17:46:31

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Re: Thunar

[Rather than open a new thread, this one already has a title.]
Just a couple of oddities with Thunar. I'm not sure if this one is XFCE or xorg: When I go to rename a file, I'm used to copy/pasting part of the filename that I want to keep. Whenever Thunar's Rename dialog pops up, "Enter the new name" already has the old name or "New Name" selected, which wipes out the temporary clipboard. For example, a chore is to find the correct name for 8-char random numbered filenames found while rebuilding the inode names that were lost when the first 16K of the drive was set to zero (faculty like to have root permissions on lecture boxen). If I find the file name in the first couple of chunks of the file, I want to copy/paste that. I've resorted to using a terminal window because with the selection hosed, I have to close the Rename box in order to get the info it covered, click rename, repeat.

The other minor annoyance which I can live with is that I have partitions on other drives that are not in fstab because I don't need them all of the time. When I do mount them, Thunar picks up soft-links to the partition, but if I also have soft-links to subdirectories, e.g./home/hpc/mpi, those subdirectory links remain red-exxed, invalid link. I close and restart Thunar and the invalid links are then available. I don't think much time should be wasted on such getting all of the links working, udev probably just signals the top-level device mounts. Besides, it's probably not a widespread problem, so don't stop the presses for it. You can't possibly guess what each user will want to do with your code once published. It's not broken, I can always add them to fstab.


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